Victoria Justice Rolls Out “Treat Myself” Visual

Mike Wass | December 16, 2020 4:57 pm
Victoria Drops 'Treat Myself'
Victoria Justice returns with an emotional new single called 'Treat Myself.'

Victoria Justice returned to the pop scene on Friday (December 11) with “Treat Myself.” And her first single in seven years was worth the wait. “Treat Myself” is a raw, emotional ballad with deeply relatable lyrics. “Can’t sleep through the night again, damn it, here I go again,” the 27-year-old begins the song. “You’ll never be good enough, you’re not capable of love — might as well just give it up.” By the time Victoria reaches the chorus, she has decided to change the way she talks to herself.

“I need to treat myself better, I really can be so unkind,” the Victorious star belts. “I wouldn’t say the things I do to anybody else, so why’s it okay to say to myself?” The video for “Treat Myself” arrives today and it finds the comeback queen battling her inner demons, whether it’s in bed at night or when standing in front of the mirror. The visual fits the song perfectly and heralds what is hopefully the start of a new era. Catch up with Victoria by checking out her very good, new single below.

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