CupcakKe Drags Everyone On “How To Rob (Remix)”

Mike Wass | December 16, 2020 5:23 pm
CupcakKe Drops 'Discounts'
Caupcakke has reached number one on iTunes with new single 'Discounts.'

Diss tracks have been a part of rap culture since Day 1. Which makes the outraged response to CupcakKe’s “How To Rob (Remix)” a little hard to swallow. The 23-year-old takes shots at everyone on her overhaul of 50 Cents’ 1999 classic. “I’ma run up on the Migos, shoot ’em like a free throw,” Elizabeth Harris (her real name) spits. “Drop Offset body in a jungle since he wanna be a cheater.” She then turns her attention to female rappers. “Runnin’ through your party just so I can find Cardi, like, “Bitch, I’m finna give you your old teeth back!” CupcakKe raps.

Next up is Doja Cat. “Fuck around and spell Doja Cat, ’cause Doja Cat, that just mean shе pussy,” CupcakKe quips. “Run up on Megan, like, ‘Give me your funds’ and you can’t even run, ’cause you just got shot.” It didn’t take long for the breakout star to trend on social media. “I think it’s a beautiful thing [and] anyone upset with it [is just used] to the mediocre,” she tweeted. “Sit back & enjoy talent at its finest & for the last time it’s all love to all the rappers mentioned. Don’t be sensitive.” Listen below.

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