Justice For Christina Aguilera’s “Dynamite”

Mike Wass | December 31, 2020 2:13 pm
Christina Aguilera's 40 Best Songs
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At the time, the new material on Christina Aguilera’s Keeps Gettin’ Better: A Decade Of Hits was greeted with derision — by critics and fans alike. Legend X’s experimentation with electro-pop would come to full fruition on Bionic (“Not Myself Tonight” is a classic of the genre), but “Keeps Gettin’ Better” deserves more respect. That’s especially true of “Dynamite,” the other, largely-forgotten new song on the greatest hits compilation. Co-written with and produced by Linda Perry, this was the template for the sex-positive jams to come.

“Dancin’ ’til the morning on a velvet sky, racing to the top with golden rays of light,” Christina begins the song over frenetic synths. “I never felt so free and yet so dangerous, the night was electronic, painted red with lust.” That paints quite a vivid picture, which is elaborated on in the racy chorus. “Dynamite — electrify me all night, dynamite — just give it to me, I won’t fight,” our heroine coos dramatically. “Dynamite — you make me feel, it’s alright, dynamite — shine it on me (starlight).”

While “Dynamite” does sound very much of its era, it’s still a fun, flirty banger and finds Christina in fine vocal form. It’s not necessarily going to change your life, but adding “Dynamite” to your favorite Xtina playlist will definitely improve it somewhat. Listen to the underrated bop below.

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