“Trouble” Is One Of Britney Spears’ Best Bonus Tracks

Mike Wass | January 4, 2021 4:44 pm
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One of the craziest thing about Britney Spears’ Circus is the way that the album was tailored for different markets. Germany, Mexico, UK and Japan all got their own bonus tracks in addition to the songs that were added to the deluxe edition. And then there’s France, where “Trouble” only appears on the digital deluxe edition via Amazon. Which boggles the mind because this is one hell of a bop. Produced by Bloodshy & Avant (“Piece Of Me,” “Radar” and “Unusual You”), “Trouble” finds Britney is an unusually playful mood.

“You and I left alone, cannot be trusted,” the living legend begins the banger over spitfire synths. “There’s a lust we can’t control.” She then wavers on her initial decision to be well behaved on the catchy chorus. “Ah, I don’t wanna lose control… but then again I think I wanna lose control,” Britney muses. “Ain’t nothing wrong with a little bit of trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble.” The production on this is decidedly more club-centric than most of Circus, but it absolutely deserved to be on the deluxe edition.

Revisit one of the most obscure bops in Britney’s holy discography below. Let’s hope it, at least, gets a digital and streaming release one of these days.

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