Melanie C Rolls Out Glamorous Visual For “Into You”

Mike Wass | January 7, 2021 1:26 pm
Melanie C Announces 8th Album
Spice Legend Melanie C has announced her self-titled 8th album.

Melanie C is quietly giving us one hell of a pop era. The Spice legend’s self-titled 8th album dropped last year and it’s a bop-heavy celebration of good times and lessons learned. She now keeps the party going by releasing a glamorous visual for disco-tinged bonus track “Into You.” “Wasn’t ready for love, just wanted somebody to hold me,” Mel admits on the pre-chorus. “Now I know I’m enough, I’m better when I put me first.” That takes us to the defiant, yet decidedly romantic chorus.

“Finally I like the view, spending summer nights with you,” Sporty Spice belts. “I wanna fall into you, doesn’t matter what you do.” The banger is complimented with a stylish clip that finds Melanie serving looks in a dark nightclub. What’s the album about? “[It] has a theme of self-acceptance, of saying ‘this is who I am,’ take or it or leave it,” she explains. “One of great things about getting older is that you gain the courage to care less. In the past perhaps I haven’t wanted to upset the apple cart. Now I’m up for kicking it over.”

Watch Melanie’s “Into You” video below.

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