Deerock Builds Momentum With “Drink To Love You”

Mike Wass | January 29, 2021 12:05 am

Deerock cements his status as One To Watch with a new single called “Drink To Love You.” The Long Island producer, who previously landed viral hits with “Old School Vibe” and “Rainbow,” teams up with Viiq for the emotional banger. “I find myself finding you in every spinning room,” she begins the song. “Somehow on this night I found you, the bottles all pouring around you.” The BPM kicks up a gear on the chorus. “I think I need to drink to love you, you’re not the one I’d sober up too.”

How did the song come about? “I’ve been a big fan of Viiq and her songwriting for years now,” Deerock reveals in the press release. “I reached out to her on Instagram to see what else she’s been working on. I was cooking up some fresh pizza rolls when she sent the top-line to ‘Drink To Love You’ and immediately wanted to work on it and create a sound that made you want to dance to such sad lyrics. I burnt the pizza rolls but am really happy with the song.” Listen to the future hit below.

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