Could Miley Cyrus Team Up With Elon Musk?

Scott Croker | April 29, 2021 12:23 pm

Is a possible collaboration between superstar Miley Cyrus and tech mogul Elon Musk as far-fetched as it sounds? The pair jokingly shared tweets hinting they could be open to it just the other day. It all started after a fan wrote this:

“Alright Elon just… hear me out.” The post came with a picture of Musk riding a wrecking ball – a reference to the Miley Cyrus breakup anthem. Musk was quick to respond, “Might be something there haha.”

Cyrus then saw the tweet and couldn’t help herself, tweeting, “@elonmusk I’m down if you are! #MileyAndMusk to the moon!” The duo is set to visit Studio 8H together when Cyrus hosts an upcoming episode of Saturday Night Live and performs as the musical guest.

Will meeting in person lead to one of the most unique collaborations of all time? Stay tuned to find out!