Pete Davidson Hung Up On Eminen After Impersonating Him On SNL

Scott Croker | May 5, 2021 12:35 pm

During this season of Saturday Night Live, versatile funnyman Pete Davidson has impersonated rapper Eminem twice. Both times he was praised for his spot-on portrayal, but did Eminem enjoy the hilarious take on him?

Davidson joined Late Night With Seth Myers recently and discussed exactly that. He revealed that he called the rapper, only to hang up on him as quickly as possible. That doesn’t mean the call went horribly, though:

“It went, I think, as good as it could go. Eminem said a couple nice things, like, about me. And I, of course, heard them and I reached out and I was like, ‘I would just like to say thank you.’ I just hit him up.”

After thanking Eminem for being so kind, Davidson quickly hung up, worried he might say something dumb. Before ending the interview, the comedic actor said that the current season of SNL, which is coming to an end soon, has been his favorite, “I’ve been having a blast and just been feeling so lucky that I have a place to go and work and be funny. Because the worlds so nuts.”