Natalie Imbruglia No Longer “Torn” About Releasing New Music

Scott Croker | May 18, 2021 12:05 pm

“Torn” singer Natalie Imbruglia is plotting her American comeback in 2021 with a new deal with BMG and a new album just around the corner. The Australian songstress last released a new album in 2015 but hasn’t charted in the United States since 2001.

Imbruglia teased the release of her new album on Instagram, writing, “Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been busy behind the scenes getting ready for new music to drop. Shooting a video, working on artwork… it’s a beautiful thing!”

Since rising to prominence in 1997 with Left of the Middle, Imbruglia has released several albums. In the United States, she’s mostly remembered for “Torn,” an English cover of a Danish song from 1993.

Since breaking out, Imbruglia has sold over 10 million records, has remained a staple overseas, and has won numerous awards. Sadly, her music has largely been missing from American airwaves.

Are you as excited as we are about Natalie Imbruglia’s new music?