Nicki Minaj Asks For Collab Help Over Social Media

Scott Croker | September 9, 2021 11:24 am

Rapper Nicki Minaj is hitting the studio to write and record new music, and on Wednesday, she reached out to fans on social media for help. After previewing a new track on Tuesday, she asked fans on Wednesday for their help with the vocals:

“Barbz: ask Keke, Tamar & Brandy to redo this. That’s what I sound like in my head. Would love to hear ppl who can rlly do it… Once I have the a capella vocals I’ll put smthn special together with it.”

Minaj later added more names to her wishlist, “Summer, Jhen√© & Kehlani can be good in the blend as well with their harmonies.”

Both Kehlani and Summer Walker responded to Minaj with their interest in her project, and now we can’t wait to find out what happens next!