Justin Bieber Adds Tracks To Justice

Scott Croker | October 7, 2021 10:34 am

Justin Bieber isn’t slowing down since the release of Justice, his sixth studio album. On Friday, a Complete Edition will be released that will include three brand new tracks. To get fans ready for the release, Bieber has a new single on the way, “Ghost,” with a music video starring Oscar-winner Diane Keaton.

“Ghost” isn’t one of the new tracks, of course, but the release of it as a single will help bring attention to the Complete Edition. The new tracks being added are “Red Eye,” “Hailey,” and “Angels Speak.” All three tracks appeared on various releases overseas, but not in the United States.

The video tease for “Ghost” starts with Bieber hugging Keaton from behind while singing before showing the actress crying alone in her house. Is Bieber the ghost of a past lover? A child? Find out when the new video releases, and make sure to check out Justice: Complete Edition when it comes out on Friday!