Mark Ronson Teases Memoir 93 ‘Til Infinity

Scott Croker | April 15, 2022 11:23 am

Next year, Grand Central Publishing is set to publish 93 ‘Til Infinity, Mark Ronson’s book about his life that is being described as, “a combination memoir-DJ study-New York celebration.” Yeah, I’m not sure exactly what that means, either.

Thankfully, Ronson has revealed in a release to the Associated Press a little more about what the scheduled release will contain:

“Before smartphones hit the dancefloor and bottle service & VIP banquettes shrunk the club, in the 90’s people stayed all night in the same place to dance, hustle, politic, and party like no one was watching.

“At that moment, New York was still the centre of the music game and in the land of Biggie, Wu-Tang and Tribe, we celebrated them every night. More importantly, this era also happened to be the most exciting time in my life.”

There is no official date for when 93 ‘Til Infinity” will come out other than “some time next year.”

Ronson has been busy. Not only does he have his memoir on the horizon, but he also has his Apple+ series Watch the Sound. The show examines the technology that has shaped music and features guests including the Beastie Boys, Dave Grohl, Josh Homme, Paul McCartney, Charlie XCX, Denzel Curry, T-Pain, and more.

He also continues to make new music, having recently collaborated with Lizzo. She took to TikTok last July and shared a video of her in a recording studio with a shy-looking Ronson to reveal, “I’m not in a studio. This isn’t Mark Ronson. This isn’t a whole [sound] board [Laughs]. I’m not making a [removed] album. Where you get that from?”

Are you excited about all the projects Ronson is currently working on?