Hayley Williams And Billie Eilish’s Coachella Duet Stole The Show

Scott Croker | April 25, 2022 11:17 am

Coachella 2022 has been full of amazing performances and moments, but perhaps none top what happened during Billie Eilish's set during the second weekend. Sorry, Danny Elfman, your set may have been epic, but a surprise duet between Eilish and Hayley Williams is just unbeatable bliss.

That's right, during her set, Eilish shocked the audience when she brought "my friend Hayley Williams" on stage. The pair sang ana coustic version of "Misery Business" and then rocked out together for "Happier Than Ever."

It was Williams' first-ever Coachella, which she proudly let the crowd know, "Hi. Wow. It's my first Coachella. Thanks for sharing this with me. This is sick!" When I heard that, I was fairly surprised considering all the success she's had with Paramore and her solo work, but better late than never.

"Misery Business" comes from Paramore's 2007 album Riot! and is a fan favorite. Fans showed their love for Williams during the duet, singing along to the catchy tune that sounded just as lively as ever stripped down on one of the world's biggest stages as it does at full volume with crunching guitars cruising down the interstate.

Things picked up during "Happier Than Ever" as Williams and Eilish jumped around the stage together, putting all their energy into the performance. Eilish was billed as one of the headliners of Coachella 2022 and she did not disappoint.

This was the second weekend that Eilish brought out a famous friend to perform with her. During the first weekend of Coachella, she brought Gorillaz frontman, Damon Albarn, on stage. Albarn, unfortunately, made headlines earlier this year when he dissed Taylor Swift, claiming she didn't write her own songs.

The return to Coachella this year after a few years off was a smashing success, signaling the return of live music in one of the most epic festivals of all time. I can't wait for next year!