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Lloyd Keeps It Clean For “Dedication To My Ex (Miss That)” Video

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Lloyd, Andre 3000 & Lil Wayne Blast A Cheating Lover In “Dedication To My Ex (Miss That)”

Lloyd Brings Mystikal Back Around With “Set Me Free”

Lloyd And Lil Wayne Are Drug Buddies

73233961EA047_MTV_TRL_PreseThe collaborations between Martian MC Lil Wayne and silky-smooth singer Lloyd have never ceased to thrill me, so when I heard the news that Weezy had added himself to Lloyd’s girls-as-drugs metaphor “Pusha” I got really excited. And the song mostly delivers, with Lloyd’s lighter-than-air voice and Wayne’s twisted rhymes meshing well enough to make me hope that their “Best Of Both Worlds” all-collabo album will eventually be a reality. Oh, also? The final mastered version punctuates the unfortunate line about Kurt Cobain with a gunshot. Yes. (Lil Wayne thankfully eschews Nirvana-frontman references in favor of talking about drugs a lot. Thank God for small favors, right?) Clip after the jump. More »

Lloyd Thinks That A Good Woman Is A Hell Of A Drug

81257819AW044_Hearst_MagaziR & B singer Lloyd announced the release of his latest one-off single via Twitter today, and as you might expect from its title, “Pusha” engages in more than a few sexy-lady-as-very-potent-drug metaphors. Specifically the singer refers to cocaine here, the high of which is likened to flying super-high on a private plane. All pretty normal, but then the song’s romantic overtones take a turn into the, well, not so lovely. Because what, exactly, does the lyric of “Pusha” rhyme with “cocaine”? Why, “Cobain,” because the woman in question is so dynamite, she “blows [Lloyd’s] brain.” Oh Lloyd. I’m a fan of your silky stylings, but I gotta be honest—likening your intended conquest to a grisly suicide might have an effect opposite from the one you want. Clip after the jump. More »

Tapemasters’ “Future Of R & B 28” Will Bring You Joy

the-future-of-r-b-28Regular readers of this site know that I’m a big fan of the Future Of R&B series of mixes put forth by the mix-happy outfit Tapemasters. The set’s 28th installment hit file-sharing sites over the weekend, and it’s a pretty fantastic collection, programmed like the all-new-tracks R & B station in some alternate universe where things are a lot better than this one. It kicks off with a new track by Beyoncé—the ProToolsy ode to making whoopee “Slow Love”—and kicks into overdrive from there, with contributions by Amerie, Lloyd, Ne-Yo, and Mary J. Blige, among others. My five favorite tracks after the jump. More »

Lloyd Keeps His Calendar Open

lloydR & B smoothie Lloyd left Irv Gotti’s camp last month, and another song hinting at his post-The Inc direction has leaked. “Want To” was produced by the Norwegian team Stargate—the duo behind “Irreplaceable” and “Miss Independent,” among others—and it’s a super-sweet love song in which Lloyd gives the lady in his life the run of an evening’s entertainment plans. (I suspect he’d have a horse in the race between making love all night long and just sitting and talking, though.) Clip after the jump. More »

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