Pitchfork Asks: Have You Heard Of This Hold Steady Band?


Congratulations, Pitchfork! Today’s Lollapalooza story marks the 1,000th time this year that you’ve mentioned Brooklyn band the Hold Steady in a headline. You guys really, really love this group, and you show your support just about every day, whether it’s giving away their MP3s, lightly rewording their press releases, or simply letting lead singer Craig Finn write his own feature story.

Don’t take this the wrong way–we share your enthusiasm for the band. But honestly, with all the Hold Steady hoopla, how can we possibly trust a Pitchfork review of Boys And Girls In America, which is coming out next week? Is there any way this record could not end up as one of your vaunted “Best New Music” picks? Predictfork is guessing an 8.4, but we think they’re low-balling. So we ask you, readers: When Boys And Girls album is reviewed on Monday, will the ‘Fork deem it a great record…or the greatest record?