Kim Jong Il Loves “Licensed To Ill”

From yesterday’s Australian:

NORTH Korean leader Kim Jong-il made his first public appearance since last week’s nuclear test, taking in a song and dance performance…Kim was accompanied by several top North Korean officials as they watched performers sing the praises of the communist state and Kim’s leadership with songs such as “Love of Comrades” and “Always looking up to the Leader,” [a North Korean news agency] reported.

“He (Kim) waved back to the enthusiastically cheering artists and audience and congratulated them on their successful performance,” it said.

That would help explain this Apple store playlist, which was hush-hushedly placed on the site a few weeks ago. A little out-of-date, maybe, but still much cooler than Nicole Kidman’s list.

  • AcilletaM

    See! Even crazed, maniacal dictators won’t listen to Sam’s Town!

  • AcilletaM

    See! Even crazy, maniacal dictators won’t listen to Sam’s Town.

  • Ned Raggett

    As good a time as any to link this:


  • AcilletaM


  • prodigal

    At least it would explain Apple’s restrictive DRM. I guess “Licensed to Il” was too easy of a joke?

  • MJ

    I wish people didn’t name Kim Jong Il whenever they talk about North Korea’s nuclear weapons, because I inmediately picture him singing “I’m Ronry”, and I can’t bring myself to be scared by the latest developments.