Our Deepest, Darkest Music-Preference Secrets Revealed

ginger.jpgNotBriansIM: (3:46:08 PM): so, we need a super-big rock song before the day’s through
NotMaurasIM: (3:46:12 PM): yeah
NotBriansIM: (3:46:15 PM): have you ever heard of ginger?
NotBriansIM: (3:46:43 PM): it’s a guy who’s the leadsinger of this british metal-pop band called the wildhearts
NotMaurasIM: (3:46:49 PM): oh!!
NotMaurasIM: (3:46:51 PM): i know them
NotBriansIM: (3:47:12 PM): he has this song called “yeah” which came out a few months ago. It’s coconuts. it’s like the greatest closing-credits anthem of all time
NotBriansIM: (3:47:23 PM): (i stole that description from a friend)
NotMaurasIM: (3:47:52 PM): oh wow
NotMaurasIM: (3:47:59 PM): i like the sound of this in many ways
NotBriansIM: (3:50:50 PM): done!
NotMaurasIM: (3:51:05 PM): wooo

Ginger – Yeah, Yeah, Yeah [MP3, link expired]
Ginger [MySpace]

  • Ned Raggett

    The man won’t stop. (I’ll give the D******s this much, at least Justin H. and crew were open and admitted fans.)

  • AcidReign

    …..That’s pretty good. You just don’t hear guys that can play guitar AND sing at the same time anymore. You have your Def Leppard guitar arpeggios in there, and decent tone. The only thing missing is full-bombast 1980s drums with gated-reverb snare. I’d like a little more wicked soloing/fills, though.

  • Ted Striker

    Maybe I’m hearing things, but does his voice remind anyone else of Weird Al’s?

  • thepunkguy

    I mean this is ok. But have you ever heard Toys and Flavors or Baby Borderline from the Hellacopters from the record High Visibility? Those songs are like a saturday night at a roller skating rink!

  • Brian Raftery

    “Toys And Flavors” is one of my favorite hard-rock songs ever…and I’m not even a huge Hellacopters fan!

  • DeeJayQueue

    this sounds like the opening song to the (non-existant) british remake of clerks.