Our Deepest, Darkest Music-Preference Secrets Revealed

ginger.jpgNotBriansIM: (3:46:08 PM): so, we need a super-big rock song before the day’s through
NotMaurasIM: (3:46:12 PM): yeah
NotBriansIM: (3:46:15 PM): have you ever heard of ginger?
NotBriansIM: (3:46:43 PM): it’s a guy who’s the leadsinger of this british metal-pop band called the wildhearts
NotMaurasIM: (3:46:49 PM): oh!!
NotMaurasIM: (3:46:51 PM): i know them
NotBriansIM: (3:47:12 PM): he has this song called “yeah” which came out a few months ago. It’s coconuts. it’s like the greatest closing-credits anthem of all time
NotBriansIM: (3:47:23 PM): (i stole that description from a friend)
NotMaurasIM: (3:47:52 PM): oh wow
NotMaurasIM: (3:47:59 PM): i like the sound of this in many ways
NotBriansIM: (3:50:50 PM): done!
NotMaurasIM: (3:51:05 PM): wooo

Ginger – Yeah, Yeah, Yeah [MP3, link expired]
Ginger [MySpace]

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