BitTorrent Admin Sent To Jail, File-Sharers Continue Looking For “Kingdom Come”

Oct 27th, 2006 // Comment

Former EliteTorrents admin Grant Stanley, a 23-year-old Virginia resident, was sentenced to five months in jail, five months of house arrest, and three years of “supervised release” for running the now-defunct BitTorrent site, and another defendant in the case is scheduled to be sentenced in December. According to The Register, EliteTorrents gained notoriety with the Feds when they decided to host a torrent of Star Wars III: Revenge Of The Sith on their servers–hours before the movie’s release in theaters. Which makes us wonder: is there a music-related entity with Lucas-sized clout? Maybe Disney–but we haven’t really seen a huge demand for High School Musical and Hannah Montana pre-releases in the torrentable universe.

BitTorrent man jailed for five months [The Register]


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