All Up In MySpace: For Colbie Caillat, Open Mic Night Is Forever

Nov 8th, 2006 // Comment

colbie.jpgWelcome to All Up In MySpace, where we look at bands in the upper echelons of the buggy social-networking site’s unsigned bands chart. Today, we look at a young Los Angeles singer who, perhaps unhealthily, garners creative inspiration from bottling up her emotions.

Name: Colbie Caillat.
Number of MySpace Friends: 13,548.
Influences: Lauryn Hill, John Mayer, Joni Mitchell, Kelly Clarkson.
Sounds like: A college coffeehouse with admittedly great acoustics.
Sample comment from a friend: “your voice is angelic and you have the beauty to match. If you have a chance you should hear my demo… i’m on my knees beggin please … lend you ears to my melodies! cheers and all the best “
Can she be famous … off the Internet? We’re kind of shocked that Caillat and her confessional girl-with-guitar songs haven’t been Braffed yet–perhaps her self-description, where she claims that she “sounds like sweet honey flowing over rocks,” confused him as much as it did us. However, the comely 21-year-old, who has been topping MySpace’s folk chart for a few months now, has been featured alongside MySpace pioneer Tila Tequila in a Rolling Stone “ladies of MySpace” piece, so we’re guessing that she’ll be snapped up and given the three-star treatment any day now.

Colbie Caillat [MySpace]

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