Videodrone: Beyonce Unplugs, Turns On The Charm

Nov 10th, 2006 // 4 Comments

We hadn’t seen Beyonce perform with her all-female band until yesterday, when she dropped by TRL to play “Irreplacable” and make some fans burst into tears. Sure, her pitch wasn’t perfect, but we were excited to catch a glimpse of one thing we hadn’t seen from her in a while: charisma. Perhaps she’s finally realized it’s a lot easier to let your personality shine through when you’re not pretending to give your boyfriend a lap dance.

Beyonce – Irreplacable [YouTube]

  1. The Mozfather

    Uhm, yeah, she’s pretty darn amazing. I didn’t hear any real pitch problems. I don’t know why everyone is so excited that Britney is going to be lipsyncing over Autotune tracks again, when we have Beyonce to enjoy.

  2. joe bananas

    i love this song and this performance. B-day was all kinds of crazy underrated. i am looking forward to hearing her perform “Suga Mama” with that band.

  3. kerrang

    i second that joe bananas.. ‘sugar mama’ will be amazing! so underrated!
    i wish i could be in that band, i was going to audition but pussed out.. lame.

  4. brianp

    Though I’m not a huge fan of superstar pop, Beyone’s talent and beauty really shine on that clip. It’s a great performance.

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