EMI Blows Off YouTube, Inks Deal With Unfortunately Named Video Site

Nov 16th, 2006 // 1 Comment

gotuit.gifEMI, perhaps emboldened by the big piles of money it’s losing, bucked the YouTube licensing trend and signed a content-licensing deal with the streaming-video site Gotuit today. The Massachusetts-based streamers have slightly better video quality than YouTube, but its player is lacking many of the Google-owned streamer’s better qualities, like embeddable links and a fast-forward button. What Gotuit does have, though, are pre-roll ads, so you’ll be reminded about Casino Royale often while looking for that Lily Allen video.

Earlier this week, reports surfaced that EMI’s copyright concerns were holding the label back from signing up with YouTube; there was talk that they could be assuaged by an equity/revenue-sharing deal. But we’re a little surprised that EMI is taking a chance with this somewhat underwhelming site–after all, wasn’t one of its big Internet success stories this year OK Go, which made a splash because of YouTube’s viral-friendly features? Gotuit’s confusing navigation and nearly hidden search function make any equity-sharing seem like it would have negligible results–especially for a company that’s banking on Robbie Williams to save its 2006 bottom line.

EMI Music and Gotuit Media Announce Content Licensing Partnership [BusinessWire]

  1. BawstonSean

    Gotuit makes Mtv.com look like a bastion of taste and useability…but they’ve got Major League Soccer providing content so that should add, like, ten, maybe twenty, users to their customer base.

    But then again they’ve got Heavy D’s “Nothin But Love” video, and that should bring in the teeming masses…

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