Idolator Presents: The Greatest Public-Access Music Videos Of All Time, Round 7!

Nov 17th, 2006 // 1 Comment

We’ll be honest: We really thought the seemingly bottomless supply of YouTube-archived public access shows was about to run out. But this week, we entered such search terms as “oversized pants,” “white rap” and “persian gulf war,” and yet another goldmine of absurdity was unearthed (we also had help from some tipsters, and for that we thank them–we think). After the click-through, just enough homegrown looniness to get you through the weekend. And for those of you just catching up, the archives are open 24-7.

5. Starock, “Original Scene”
A recurring guest on the appropriately titled ’80s show San Francisco’s Talent Vision, Starrock’s claim to fame was their distinction of being “the only band in the world to use a projection TV as a band member.” They were also the only band to name a song “Original Scene,” and then cop the opening keyboard riffs from the Doors’ “Light My Fire.” (There’s an even better Starock clip here, but it’s not embeddable, alas).

4. Stephen J. Morris, “Yellow Ribbons Turn Gray”
What if Richie Havens wore zubaz-esque pants, a backwards baseball cap, and a permanent grimace?

3. Jiffy Pop, “Jiffy Pop”
There’s so much white-boy rapping on YouTube, it’s hard to tell what’s legit and what’s a not-too-far-off-the-mark parody. Everything in this clip–from the lame rhymes to the run-of-the-mill shout-outs–indicates that it has to be the real bad deal. But even if it’s not, the host of this show is still way better than any of the nincompoops on Fuse.

2. Jimmy Schwatzman, “Brotherhood of Man”
Another wonderful clip from the late, lamented Stairway To Stardom. The trumpet player is actually dead throughout this entire song.

1. Sondra Prill, “Smile”
Unfortunately, it’s not a cover of the Lily Allen song–how amazing would that time-traveling Marvel Team-Up be?–but an original number from our perpetual top-spot holding starlet. By the third schmaltzy verse, though, it becomes painfully clear that the Prill Building is no Brill Building.


  1. Feh Am Legend

    A Sondra Prill highlights reel! Thanks for the memories, Sondra.

    Somewhere there has to be her Life-on-the-Road montage video.

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