The Disappearing Pitchfork Review: The Mystery Revealed

Nov 21st, 2006 // 2 Comments

pitchfork.jpgPitchfork, it seems, has reacted to our obsessing about last week’s disappearing +/- review with a site update. What we’re gathering now is this: the review of +/-’s Let’s Build A Fire that ran last week, then disappeared, was actually written about the album’s Taiwanese version, which had an earlier release date than the Absolutely Kosher release. Thursday’s slightly more negative review is now back up on the site, albeit with “Taiwan” appended to the album’s title. We’re still wondering if there’s a bit of CYA going on here–is it normal Pitchforkian practice to double-review imports in such short succession?–but we’re going to stop thinking about this (for now) and direct you to an MP3 of “The Important Thing Is Love,” which, according to Pitchfork’s two-headed review, is both maudlin and reminiscent of Elliott Smith.

+/- – The Important Thing Is Love [MP3, link expired]
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  1. nosebleed

    can you say “back peddling”?

  2. goldstar4robotboy

    cory commented in your last post about this. the reviewer downloaded the album, he probably sold the promo copy.

    oh, you music industry types

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