Idolator’s Record-Review Round-Up: The Critics Have A Field Day With Jay

Nov 22nd, 2006 // 4 Comments

jayzkingdom.jpg- “But while his voice still carries an ideal mixture of imperial confidence and sang-froid–dipping into a mock-plaintive whisper when he wants to deliver a particularly stinging line–the lyrics here land with a thud…Kingdom Come is the worst of Jay-Z’s 11 solo albums.” [Slate]
- “…he stops himself when he hits on real, thorny emotions — delivering his Hurricane Katrina eulogy, ‘Minority Report,’ through crocodile tears — and delivers what’s familiar. Packed with threats to younger rappers and reminders that he once dealt crack and still likes his women spicy (though he never admits to sneaking out on ‘B’), Kingdom Come could be titled Cred, Come Back.” [LA Times]
- “He’s grown up, alright. With the energy Jay brings to most of these tracks, you’d think 30 was the new 60. His patented whispery change-up is used more than ever before, and often makes him sound like Dr. Moreau-era Marlon Brando when all we needed was a little Apocalypse Now. We didn’t expect the young, brash Jigga, but we never thought Jay would be flashing AARP brochures in our faces and dropping Gwyneth Paltrow’s name in a rap song.” [Pitchfork]

  1. Anonymous

    Yes, but how many stars did Rolling Stone give it?

  2. pchc_lx

    Apparently no one is actually listening to the record, because Jay-Z makes it apparent that he’s no longer trying to make bangin’ singles and dominate the competition, but instead make a subdued and relaxed piece of work that reflects his age and status in the rap world. He’s the CEO of DefJam, he’s not going to outshine his own artists and decrease sales of their releases. He’s 30-something now, and I think the album reflects that: laid back, relaxed and an overall chill vibe that, in my opinion, is well communicated in the album. Not an amazing work, but it’s not trying to be.

  3. andynomore

    Translation: Jay-z is cool with mediocrity.

    (Though I do like the Chris Martin song; I tried to turn it up in my car and it sounded like crap.)

    I’m trill though.

  4. Audif Jackson Winters III

    I like that Stereogum has it up on their “Stereogum Recommends” list. So, great, ignore a genre of music until the last two months of the year, and even then only go with the album released by the guy who does appearances with Tony Kornheiser on Monday Night Football. And, oh yeah, which just happens to be completely awful.

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