The Vault: Jale’s “Dreamcake” Still Tastes Pretty Good

Nov 22nd, 2006 // 2 Comments

jaledreamcake.jpgThe Halifax quartet Jale put out its first full-length, the Brad Wood-produced Dreamcake in 1994, when female-fronted indie-pop bands specializing in rainy-day guitars and crabby lyrics were beloved by college radio DJs all over North America; the resigned “Not Happy” and “To Be Your Friend” still get a lot of love in our neck of the woods, especially when the temperature starts to dip a bit.

Jale – Not Happy [MP3, link expired]
Jale – To Be Your Friend [MP3, link expired]
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  1. mike a

    Aaaah, Jale, Halifax’s finest. So Wound was great as well. It’s too bad we haven’t seen any real solo projects by the ex-band members (other than the Vees and a few Pernice Brothers projects). They just sort of vanished.

  2. The Mozfather

    I’ve been looking for “Not Happy” for years! Thanks so much.

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