Pick Of The ‘Fork: Your Questions Answered

Nov 24th, 2006 // Comment

pitchfork.jpgIt’s time to close out this week’s all-Joanna Newsom interview edition of Pick Of The Fork, our weekly look at the verbal gymnastics happening at Pitchfork. This week, more than half of you spotted our attempt to match wits with interviewer Brian Howe (“When putting together Ys, did you begin to feel like you were unlocking a part of your mind’s creativity-stoking passageways–and that Van Dyke Parks possessed the key to its most inner sanctum?”) from a mile away. Perhaps we should have made more references to postmodernism in our decoy, or used more words ending in “-ly.” Either way, we’ll see you next week!

Interview: Joanna Newsom [Pitchfork]

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