Listening Station: Ghost Stories’ Well-Told Tales

Jan 11th, 2007 // Comment

Seattle-based musician Ron Lewis goes by the name Ghost Stories for his musical explorations, which all take place in his bedroom. Ghost Stories’ Quixoticism, which comes out on Jan. 23, is full of scruffy singalongs that remind us of the best moments of the Elephant 6 collective’s late-’90s heyday. Like all the finest home-crafted pop, Quixoticism‘s strength lies in the details; the creeping “la la”s in “You Wear It Like A Window,” the strains of a string section lurking underneath “The Nettles In Your Mouth.”

Ghost Stories – You Wear It Like A Stained Glass Window [MP3, link expired]
Ghost Stories – The Nettles In Your Mouth [MP3, link expired]
Ghost Stories [MySpace]

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