Timbaland Accused Of Timbalifting Another Musician’s Track

For those of you have that haven’t been following the case of Timbaland vs. Finland, here’s a summary: In 2000, a Finnish musician named Janne Suni created an instrumental track called “Acidjazzed Evening” (which you can listen to here); it was later remade by instrumentalist GRG, who kept the melody intact (that second mp3 can be found here).

Six years later, Nelly Furtado released Loose, which included the Timbaland-produced track “Do It,” and now there’s a series of YouTube videos and forum threads claiming that Timbo jacked the “Do It” music from Sunni’s 2000 original (the Timbo detractors also claim that he first jacked himself, noting that his track for “Do It” originally appeared in a 2005 ringtone).

Confused? These two YouTube videos feature a side-by-side comparison. And while we certainly want to get Timbaland’s response to all of this before making a final call, these tracks do sound alike–and trust us, we know, as we had to listen to them a half-dozen times just to write this up.

Janne Suni – Acidjazzed Evening [MP3, link expired]
GRG – Acidjazzed Evening [MP3, link expired]
Nelly Furtado – Do It [MP3, link expired]
Acidjazzed Evening [Janne Suni’s page]
Producer Timbaland rips song from finnish musician? [YouTube]
Timbaland rips song – new information [YouTube]

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