The Vault: We Still [Heart] The Mekons

Jan 24th, 2007 // 3 Comments

mekonscircle.jpgEven though the Mekons released their very first single nearly thirty years ago, the Leeds troupe didn’t find notoriety until the release of the 1989 classic The Mekons Rock ‘n’ Roll. And while Jon Langford and the rest of the band members now play in approximately 487 side projects, the Mekons are still chugging along, with a new album due this year. For those who’ve always wondered what all those “I (Heart)” shirts were about in the early ’90s, here are two of our favorite Mekons moments–one defiant, one dreamy:

Mekons – Empire Of The Senseless [MP3, link expired]
Mekons – Ghosts Of American Astronauts [MP3, link expired]
Mekons [MySpace]

  1. shovelingslop

    As a diehard Mekons freak, I’d say that they achieved many enthusiasts (most notably Christgau, who gushed and gushed) after 1985′s “Fear and Whiskey,” which is where everyone should start. Also, check the youtube clip of “Ghosts” and witness a stunning camera-caress of lead singer Sally Timms.

    Regardless, thanks. Why they remain so under-appreciated is way beyond me.

  2. mishaps

    I still have my I ♥ Mekons tee! One of my coworkers came up to me the first time he saw it and almost whispered, “I love them too.”

    (The rest of my coworkers are really f-in’ sick of me talking about how I used that shirt to teach the notion of “subculture” to Comp. 101 students back in the day, but that’s another story…)

  3. the rich girls are weeping

    The think I love most about The Mekons is that Sally Timms has the foulest mouth EVER…

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