On The Shelf: Tomorrow’s New Releases Revealed Today

Jan 29th, 2007 // 9 Comments

norahcover.jpgWelcome to On The Shelf, Idolator’s weekly look at the new releases landing on store shelves every Tuesday. Tomorrow’s a big day for the record industry, as the cute-as-a-button Norah Jones–whose last two albums have totaled 14 million copies sold in the U.S. alone–releases her latest album, Not Too Late. We’ll spare you the “is it too late for Norah Jones to continue being a sales juggernaut?” jokes, and instead go right into this week’s installment of On The Shelf, which wraps up new releases by Jones, Katharine McPhee, and Young Love, as well as a compilation honoring The Band.

Norah Jones, Not Too Late
The artist: The music industry’s last, great hope.
The sound: Pretty, delicate, slightly soporific. (What, no Peeping Tom bonus track?)
The first in line: A harried mom who was planning on just getting a latte before she headed into work.

Katharine McPhee
The artist: Season-six American Idol runner-up who fancies herself a hybrid of Christina Aguilera and Judy Garland.
The sound: More Xtina than Judy, with a healthy dose of How Will I Know-era Whitney Houston.
The first in line: Foot fetishists, thanks to the strappy-shoe ode “Open Toes.”

Young Love, Too Young To Fight It
The artist: Model-pretty scenester with a knack for aping the last three years’ biggest disco-emo gestures.
The sound: Frothy, overproduced electro that wears thin after half a listen.
The first in line: The MisShapes of Peoria.

Various Artists, Endless Highway: Music Of The Band
The artists: It’s like a Bonnaroo lineup: Jack Johnson, Guster, Widespread Panic, Bruce Hornsby. And Death Cab.
The sound: Painstaking reworks that border on the overly reverent.
The first in line: Rock writers in training.

On The CD Front [Pause & Play]

  1. Ned Raggett

    Whereas those of us who have trained are running away very very fast.

  2. dollywould

    I so don’t get the Norah Jones phenomenon. Her music puts me to sleep.

    The Lily Allen album is out tomorrow, too.

  3. cassidy2099

    Your Young Love comment is pretty much a perfect encapsulation of their sound. Also, sadly hookless.

  4. ecoboy_wmc

    The Gomez cover of “Up on Cripple Creek” on the Band disc uses all three of their singers on different verses. It’s my favorite thing on the disc; they sound like they are having fun performing it, which is more than I can say for the “painstaking reworks” mentioned above.

  5. The HZA. [member of the zombie nation]

    Young Love is terrible. They opened for Lady Sov in Portland.

    That band has a major identity crisis. THey can’t decide if they are U2, the Killers, or Panic at the Disco. But they manage to be shitty Xeroxs of all those bands.

  6. cburst

    honestly, i liked recover, and i also like young love. just because you’re too jaded to have any fun doesn’t mean i can’t.

  7. Maura Johnston

    hey, i wanted to like young love! but i just couldn’t.

  8. Tauwan

    And don’t forget, we yanks can go from mp3′s and burnt “promo discs” to actual booklet and artwork laced copies of the Lily Allen and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah albums tomorrow as well.

  9. acb

    young love = this year’s morningwood. but even worse…

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