Is “Rolling Stone” Getting Ready To Develop A MySpace Clone?

Feb 22nd, 2007 // 9 Comments

rs0222.jpgFrom the media-jobs board mediabistro:

Responsibilities: Rolling Stone magazine seeks a digitally experienced Executive Editor to create a music discovery site that features new, emerging artists both signed and unsigned; and provide an opportunity for artists and music enthusiasts to interact with one another. Artists will be enabled to mobilize their fanbase, and consumers will be exposed to new talent. Responsibilities include developing, launching, and managing this new venture.

The ad doesn’t mention a timetable for launching this venture, but we should note that the job requirements include managing-editor experience at an entertainment company, copywriting skills, and “the ability to convince people that, no matter what type of music they’re interested in, they should definitely check out Mick Jagger’s latest solo album.”

Executive Editor in New York, NY USA at Rolling Stone [mediabistro]

  1. NickEddy

    “Kids, let me tell you about Boz Scaggs…and how to give him a 4.5 star review.”

    BUT one could find out once and for all whether Matt Nye is Kim Nye’s brother, Kim being the model Ralph Lauren extramaritally schtupped then banished to Martha’s Vineyard.

    This is a very unrock post. Um, Dillinger Escape Plan…mumble…Andy Partridge…

  2. The HZA. [member of the zombie nation]

    Oh. My. God.

    This is what the end of the world looks like right?

  3. xtianrut

    Yes heathermylove, it’s the Four Horse-Massengills of the Apocalypse.

  4. dollywould

    That is one unfortunate-looking band. And is Pete’s new idol Anthony Kiedis?

  5. Brian Raftery

    Does anyone know what this new site’s post-per-day requirements might be? I have a, uh, “friend” who’s interested.

  6. Bob Loblaw

    Aww, quit yer whining and go dig up another Prince item.

  7. Jude

    My guess is that the one guy in this photo becomes the most inconsequential artist of any genre to appear shirtless on the cover of Rolling Stone.

    Plus, aren’t we tired of the shirtless/semi-topless Rolling Stones cover yet? Hasn’t it been beaten to death lo these many decades? Why do they go to the same, tired-ass cliche well time and again? There’s really nothing risque about it at this point.

  8. Brian Raftery

    @Jude: I think a zillion fourteen-year-old girls would beg to disagree.

  9. zibby

    Lemme guess – They require a ton of experience but the the position is unpaid.

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