Attention Mr. Rad Tattoo Old School Guy: Austin Is On To You And Your Inky Ways

Mar 15th, 2007 // 3 Comments

We’re just going to keep visiting Beerland–home of the “don’t do coke” crewel embroiderly–every day to see what sorts of annoyed signage its employees are going to turn out next.

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  1. Catbirdseat


    …unless you are Chuck Motherfucking Klosterman, in which case we just let you jump the line altogether.

    (*Note: I personally witnessed this once… *AT BEERLAND*, no less!)

  2. gorillavsmarykate

    that’s my favorite beer commercial with the singer and announcer:

    “Mr. Rad Tattoo Old School Guy”

  3. 30f

    Khalid Shaikh Mohammed has the raddest, old-schooliest
    tattoos! WWKSMD ? ? ?

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