Blogsmacked: That Guy In The Speedo Was Probably Very Cold

- We have a feeling the people in the above photo are marketing something colossally terrible, but you can’t deny that this image says a lot about the lengths people will go to just so they can spend their days in roller heaven. [gorilla vs. bear]
- You go to a show, you miss the opening band, and then you run into said missed opening band as you’re straggling back to your hotel. One word: awkward. [Rapidshare]
- We’re just going to say it here: Ghostland Observatory pretty much represents everything that makes us roll our eyes at the Internet. There’ll be a Mew set up tomorrow, though. [KEXP Blog]
- Gerard: Just as irritated by the Fader Fort’s “Blogger Room”–basically, a room with some tables so people can set up their laptops–as we were. [Gerard Vs. Bear]

[photo via gorilla vs. bear]

  • zibby

    Looks like they are marketing No More Kings’ new album. The video for “Sweep the Leg” is a hoot. Google it or something.

  • Anonymous

    Like Zibby said — it’s def. for No More Kings.