Sadly, The “Voice” Has Left Us Off Their Guest List

Mar 16th, 2007 // 1 Comment

marytimony.jpgAs longtime fans of snarly guitar hero Mary Timony, we were planning on seeing her as many times as we could this week, but we only knew about her showcase late Saturday night. So we got even more bummed about our Thursday 15 minutes ago, when we found out that we could have capped our frustrating day with sets by Timony and the always-exhilarating Oxford Collapse. Turns out the two of them were playing a bash for the Village Voice that was both unadvertised and Bravery-free. What, did our invite get lost in the mail? So sad.

Mary Timony – 9 x 3 [MP3, link expired]
Mary Timony [MySpace]
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