Copyright Board Wonders If Internet Radio Can Be Heard On Victrolas

Mar 19th, 2007 // 1 Comment

victrola.jpgToday’s New York Times has a piece on the proposed royalty-rate hike for Internet radio stations. What caught our eye was a line near the end that suggests the Copyright Royalty Board, which is in charge of collecting said royalties, may not be up on 1980s musical technology, let alone 21st-century innovations:

Many involved in Internet radio contend that the Copyright Royalty Board members do not understand the technology. At one point in the proceedings, according to the transcript, one member asked if the term “albums” could refer to CDs as well as vinyl records.

Oh boy. Well, who knows? Maybe that member’s CD collection only consists of maxi-singles, because he’s a remix fiend.

A Fee Per Song Can Ruin Us, Internet Radio Companies Say [NYT]
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  1. chaircrusher

    Haha ‘Albums.’

    Calling an LP an ‘Album’ is anachronistic as well. The term ‘album’ came from when 78RPM records came in big heavy albums (think photo album), with the records stuffed in sleeves attached like pages in a book.

    With a 3-4 minute limit per side on a 78, stuff like operas and symphonies would be 10-disc sets. Wagner’s long-ass Ring Cycle operas required a wheelbarrow to bring home.

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