The Vault: Scars Prove To Be Great Scots

Mar 27th, 2007 // 3 Comments

scarssss.jpgYesterday, we put out a call for tracks from Author! Author!, the recently re-released 1981 album from Scottish post-punks Scars. We first heard of the band thanks to this Guardian Music Blog rave, which noted that the quartet “stormed out of Edinburgh in the early 1980s possessed of equal parts glam audacity, art-rock solemnity and futuristic zeal”; thanks to the reader who sent in the following tracks, we can now put that audacious claim to the test:

Scars – Fear Of The Dark [MP3, link expired]
Scars – Leave Me In The Autumn [MP3, link expired]
Scars [MySpace]



    And all this time I thought the Scars came from Paisley where I went to College! I have an aircheck cassette of the 1980 Peel session and excellent it is too. If I can work out how to rip it to mp3 I will post the tunes. Thanks for the memory.

  2. westartedthis

    by 2013, our primary source of energy will be late 70s/early 80s scottish post punk bands. they seem to be the earth’s only inexhaustible natural resource.

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