Blind-Item Rave: Which DJ Duo Is Spinning Lies?

Apr 12th, 2007 // 8 Comments

From the chemically bothered British gossip digest Popbitch:

Which superstar DJ combo only has one technologically competent member? One does all the knob-twiddling in the studio while the other just puts his feet up. And consequently only gets 33% of the duo’s royalties.

Tee-hee. For some reason, “knob-twiddling” sounds much funnier when read with an imaginary British accent. Anyway, we know this is about concert DJs, not radio DJs, but we’re still gonna go with those guys from WJKH’s “Morning Nut Hut” show. Mr. Spanks really seems to be phoning it in lately.

  1. Breliant

    Its not as good as Daft Punk allegedly sending out others in their robot suits.
    The deal sounds a lot like Laurel and Hardy, Stan did the work and Ollie played golf.

  2. knots

    the chemical brothers
    i want a prize

  3. StevenPatrickMorrissey


    i wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if you’re right. the new record’s gonna be a banger though.

    we are the night indeed.

  4. DigitalLogic

    The Neptunes

    Not DJs but I’ve always suspected that Chad does all the work, and Pharrell is just there to translate between English and Urban.

  5. lafin78

    @sjc: Yeah, S&D “perform” individually probably 95 percent of the time these days, and they haven’t done a joint mix CD in nearly a decade.

  6. Teen_Idle

    Or maybe Deep Dish?

  7. bedpan

    chemical brothers.

  8. LeanOnSheena

    The Tarts of Pleasure? That other one is mannish, no?

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