Liner Notes: By Now, Everyone’s Gone Back To Bedlam With James Blunt

Apr 20th, 2007 // 4 Comments

jblunted.jpg- Paris Hilton and James Blunt have finally hooked up. We have a “complex harpin’ meets simplex herpen” joke we’d like to share, but we also have lawyers. [NY Daily News]
- Gorillaz guru Damon Albarn says the best-selling animated band won’t be putting out any more pop records, forcing a desperate EMI to sign Grape Ape and a handful of Monchichis to a five-album deal. [NME]
- A judge says the Phil Spector trial will last for “about two or three months,” during which time he’ll stop with the wigs and just start showing up with a roofied sloth on his head. [AP via Billboard]


  1. Aleb

    Maybe they’ll pull a Janet/Jermaine and he’ll produce an album for her. I’m already waiting… ;)

  2. Xenu

    @Aleb: I hope there’ll be a hidden bonus track!

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