As Heard On “The Sopranos”: If You Missed It Last Night, For God’s Sake, Don’t Read This

May 14th, 2007 // 15 Comments

sopranos.jpgSo: Something tangentially music-related happened on The Sopranos last night. However, we do not want to give it away, as we are not that dickardly. So please, if you didn’t see it, go and re-read that Pete Nice item again; and if you did catch it, meet us after the click-through…

…First, a question: Does anybody know what the sorta-new-wave instrumental music was playing during the sex scene between [REDACTED] and [REDACTED]?* If so, drop us a line at * As for the show’s other musical highlight–in which Christopher and Tony pop the soundtrack to The Departed into the car stereo and cue up the Roger Waters-Van Morrison version of “Comfortably Numb”–all we can say is that Roger and Mo-Mo will be getting fatter royalty checks than usual this quarter: The Departed disc is now sitting at No. 31 on the sales charts, and it’s also at No. 41 on the iTunes album list. Expect it to climb even higher in the next week, as America mourns the loss of its favorite (fictional) smacked-out aspiring screenwriter.

* Thanks to the tipster who helped us out with this one: “Actually, it was a pretty neat trick of foreshadowing: The Pretenders ‘The Adultress’ is playing as [REDACTED] drives to the [REDACTED] condo to tell her [REDACTED]. No sex. Later scene: it’s the instrumental track from the first Pretenders album, ‘Space Invaders.’ “

Roger Waters and Van Morrison – Comfortably Numb [MP3, link expired]
The Pretenders – The Adultress [MP3, link expired]
The Pretenders – Space Invaders [MP3, link expired]


  1. NickEddy

    Two pictures of Pete Nice today????

  2. JobCain

    that’s the second appearance in two weeks of ‘comfortably numb’ – tony was singing it walking down the stairs in the first scene of the episode from last week.

    and does this mean no cleaver 2? [REDACTED]!!!

  3. Audif Jackson Winters III

    Stuff played on classic rock radio has been a prevailing theme this season. I figured it was just indicative of Tony’s nostalgia as he’s approaching 50, but maybe there’s something else to it.

  4. J DTZR

    Tony loves classic rock. He was listening to Rush last week, and Carmela played Deep Purple for him when he was in the hospital recovering from the gunshot last season. (also: Spolier!) Several seasons ago, I recall him singing along to Steely Dan’s “Dirty Work.”

    But I thought it was pretty clumsy writing the way Christopher was all, “Do you have ‘The Departed’ soundtrack, T?” and Tony practically said, “You know it! I got it for $12.99 at Target!”

  5. ghostmedia

    Also an M. Ward sighting….”Outta My Head” was playing when Tony first walks into the girl’s apartment in Vegas, and it reappeared a bit later.

  6. Lucas Jensen

    I hate that version of “Comfortably Numb.” It really took me out of that scene in the Departed. Why not just use the original? Licensing?

  7. abrahamjoseph

    UGH in the war within my mind between the wire and the sopranos (the war is for the title of “the greatest work of literature in our time… yeah i said it–fuck you don delillo and david foster wallace), the wire is really pulling ahead. the sopranos has been fuckin’ spotty as hell for this whole “season 6, part 2″ thing.

  8. disinterested 3rd party

    I caught the repeated use of “Comfortably Numb” too. Last week I thought it was just a nod to Tony’s increasing detachment from reality, but I guess it was foreshadowing Chris’ relapse and death? Or both? This show uses music so well.

  9. NickEddy

    The end of Season 2 (I think?) with Eurythmics’ “I Saved the World Today” is my fave tv drama soundtrack use ever.

  10. noamjamski

    @J DTZR: I didn’t see it as clumsy writing. It was a bit of a product plug but it is also the way real people talk to each other.

    I like that you knew Tony really did have and enjoyed the soundtrack because he was singing Comfortably Numb to himself a couple of episodes ago. I thought that was odd, until the scene in the car where the viewer then realizes that Tony has been listening to it as well. For me it makes the characters a bit more alive.

  11. loudersoft

    the funniest moment in the musical history of The Sopranos is undoubtedly in season 2 when Tony is driving down the road singing along to the radio…”I don’t wanna do your dirty work, oh no…I’m a fool ta do your dirty work…oh yeah…”. Thanks Steely Dan.

  12. Lucas Jensen

    I loved it when they used tindersticks’ “Tiny Tears.” That was unexpected!

  13. Vince Neilstein

    Oh my god, this is truly awful. Why did Roger Waters have to go and allow a beautiful song to be ruined by Van Morrison? This is a shame on David Gilmour’s legacy. Must’ve been a licensing issue.

  14. hhaller

    Product placement, sure maybe, but I think a big reason that was written in was because of the symbolism of the name The Departed. After all someone important did depart this episode, and departures have been a pretty big theme all season.

  15. bighead


    “Tiny Tears” is my most memorable Sopranos soundtrack moment too.

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