Pretty Ricky Is A Group With A Purpose (And Ladies, That Purpose Is You)

May 17th, 2007 // 5 Comments

This clip of Pretty Ricky’s performance on 106 & Park yesterday has transfixed us for the past 10 minutes or so; it’s a jumble of signifiers, from Phantom Of The Opera to “The Hokey Pokey” to Kris Kross. (Sadly, there are no ottomans on stage.) But things don’t really become truly sublime until the post-show interview, when one of the Rickys notes that “The Lord Jesus Christ put us on this earth to please these beautiful ladies.” And populate the earth as well, right, guys?

Pretty Ricky On 106 And Park (05-16-07) [OnSmash]

  1. catdirt

    are they all… pretty ricky? or is just one of them?

  2. rich36

    Call me Mr. Pringles ’cause I’m stacking my chips?

    Wow. Really Pretty Ricky? Really?

    That’s easily the worst line I’ve heard in a while.

  3. Teen_Idle

    I could swear in the interview one of them says (4:02) something about “even tho my ottoman is perishing, my innerman is being renewed…”

    I think there’s going to be a Judas Priest-scale lawsuit for subliminal incitement of furniture crimes.

  4. FionaScrapple

    As always, stupid teenage girls and the varsity baseball players that love them need music too.

    Betcha someone on the Sawks gets the nickname “Mr. Pringles” by August…courtesy of Sportscenter.

    Save a Horse…Cowboy Up!

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