For A Mere $200 A Night, You Can Channel Jim Morrison’s Mediocrity

May 24th, 2007 // 4 Comments

doorshouse.jpgMuch like socialism or butterfly pinkie-toe tattoos, the greatness of the Doors is one of those things that you feel very passionately about in ninth grade, and then forever regret (this applies to everyone but Ray Manzarek). But as Curbed LA discovered, there’s still a market for all things Lizard King-related, as evidenced by this recent real-estate ad:

ROCK LEGEND’S APARTMENT!!! Jim Morrison of “THE DOORS” former apartment in the Historical West Hollywood building known Internationally as “Jim Morrison’s last known U.S. residence.” As seen on television, shown in books, and on websites. NOT A PERMANENT RESIDENCE. This special, unique apartment is available for short-term rentals at $200.00 daily or discounted weekly rentals. Fully Furnished in 70′s style. Queen sofa bed in livingroom for additional sleeping accomodations.

Did you get all that? It’s known…internationally! It’s been shown…on websites! It’s got a sofa bed…in the living room! It’s like a flophouse with history!

Also, for whatever reason, the site of band names in all-quote caps makes us titter; it’s like when the NYC bodega owners advertise “AVOCADO’S” FOR SALE.

Lizard King’s Garage Door For Sale [Curbed LA]

  1. Whigged

    Sod off, Jim Morrison was the greatest frontman to ever slip on snakeskin boots and leather trousers.

    I defy anyone to come up with someone better. The Doors sounded like no other band on the planet – then and now.


    Me in 1989.

    That ninth grade quip was pretty much dead on y’all

  2. MConnor

    No bass!!!

  3. Antiheroine

    Fully Furnished in 70′s style … I assume that translates as, “We haven’t bothered to replace a thing in this place since the lizard guy kicked the bucket.”

    I still have fond memories of my teenage Morrison appreciation, though. If someone rents this, let me know – I’ll swing by and crash on the sofa bed.

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