The Idolator Cage Match: A Tale Of Two Napolitanos

May 24th, 2007 // 2 Comments

jj.jpgIn the fine tradition of such alliterative showdowns as Kramer vs. Kramer and Kid Rock vs. Kidz Bop, we’re proud to present another installment of the Idolator Cage Match, in which intern Cortney Harding finds common ground among two seemingly dissimilar entities. After the click-through, her take on former Concrete Blonde singer Johnette Napolitano and Arizona governor Janet Napolitano:

JANET: Known for education reforms, which promote the teaching of vowels.
JOHNETTE: Known for promoting her side project, Vowel Movement.

JANET: Had run-ins with members of the Minutemen while trying to halt entry to illegals.
JOHNETTE: Possibly ran into ex-members of the Minutemen while recording Concrete Blonde y Los Illegals.

JANET: According to her musings, believes citizens can heal it up by having universal health care.
JOHNETTE According to her music, believes listeners can “Heal it up” by “Feeling the void, deep in [her] soul.”

JANET: Created forest-fire safety plans in hopes of avoiding images of burning cactuses.
JOHNETTE Homepage features an image of a burning cactus.

JANET: Hoping to get more troops at the borders
JOHNETTE Hoping to get more tunes into Borders.

  1. chrisb

    As a resident of Arizona, every time I see mention of governor Janet Napolitano’s name I hum a few bars of “Joey.”

  2. nonce

    I think this would be better settled by hearing each Napolitano’s cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Everybody Knows.” (Which is what I think of when I see the name, and not, for whatever reason, “Joey.” But I have go download them both now.)

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