Who Wore It Better?: Special Not Going To Rehab Edition


Above, a side-by-side look at the dueling Amy Winehouse covers gracing Rolling Stone and Spin; the RS cover, which hits stands Friday, premiered on the magazine’s blog yesterday, which, we guess, prompted Spin‘s people to e-mail a jpeg of the magazine’s July cover to Perez Hilton last night. (Seriously, Spin–stop giving him ideas.) We’re mostly impressed that both coverlines didn’t use the word “diva,” although we’d be lying if we didn’t tell you that the first thing we noticed, when the covers were put side by side, was that Winehouse seems to be quite fond of turquoise bras.

Amy Winehouse: The Latest Rolling Stone Cover Star [Rolling Stone Rock & Roll Daily]
Your First Look! [Perez Hilton]
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  • nonce

    I think RS wins, because in that the giant lump on her head that may or may not be hair (is it a hat? Is it a Sharpied-in tumor? Can it sing backup?) takes up more space on the RS cover.

    I still haven’t heard any of her music (is she Joss Stone with an “edge”?) but I’m beginning to like the head-lump.

  • DeeJayQueue

    I know that the spin shot is supposed to be sort of a candid, but come ON! Crack open photoshop and get the hell rid of that horrible drop shadow next to her face. Amy is on that fence with the girls who look smoking hot in some pictures and “wouldn’t hit it with penny marshall’s dick” in others. This is a great example of what lies in the grass on either side of that fence.

  • unclebobscircus

    “We’re mostly impressed that both coverlines didn’t use the word ‘diva,’”

    From the RS cover:

    “The Diva and her Demons – Amy Winehouse”

    right, you guys expect Rolling Stone to pass up a perfectly good cliche?

  • Spongeworthy

    I think the Spin cover looks classier. The RS cover looks like she just discovered her stash has been stepped on, like, a dozen times. Between that and the Elvira hair, it’s a loser. Does she sleep standing up? That lump never looks flat.

  • ghostyhead

    Is it just me, or does she look like Chrissie Hynde on the RS cover?

  • Anonymous

    RS did use “diva”…

    I actually kind of like the SPIN cover more, because it’s got that sort of gritty brightness to it. Although I think the RS cover is more flattering.

  • Julio Allison

    Both these covers are mad boring. Are all the art directors on strike or something?

  • mirrorball

    I dunno. The RS one sort of looks like Ben Stiller in drag.

  • Jupiter8

    RS wins. She looks green and out-of-focus on that Spin cover..and almost glamorous on Rolling Stone, no mean feat for someone whose skin has more doodling on it than a truck stop toilet stall.

  • gregcoff

    I think what she meant was that BOTH of them didn’t use the word divas. As in: only RS did.

    Amy Winehorse on both. Sorry.

  • theminx

    The RS pic looks more like the mugshot I imagine we will eventually see on The Smoking Gun…

  • Julio Allison


    Totally — she’s doing “Blue Steel”!

  • Whigged

    Is it the hair that gives her the bobblehead look….or does she just have a bobblehead?

  • Chris Molanphy

    SPIN wins again (i.e., after the Morrisette duel of ’95). Better, cuter photo all around, if not exactly exciting.

    Anything sexy about the RS cover is negated by the boozy-skank look on her face. Which I suppose, perversely, makes the RS cover more accurate. (Love ya, Amy!)

  • Cheap Shot

    Spin wins hands down. She looks great on that cover and ugly on RS’s cover.

  • Artie Fufkin

    I have a feeling we all being going “Who?” in the 50th anniversary issue 10 years from now…

  • Alana

    Dear Rolling Stone,

    I’m so tired of drunk smirks and breast-revealing tank-tops. If I wanted to see that, I’d look on a naughty internet site. Or check US Weekly for the latest Britney/Lindsey/etc panty-less escapade. But I’d rather see a put-together, stylish, and classy cover girl on a music magazine (like Spin, for example). This is the reason why, despite its low-res jpeg and “perez hilton” stamp, the Spin cover is nicer than yours.

    yours truly.

  • Alana

    Dear Rolling Stone,

    Is it just me, or is the black-tank-top-big-tit, come-hither-smirk thing a little cliche? If I wanted to see a lady portrayed like that, I’d look at a naughty website or check up on the panty-less adventures of Brit and Lindsey. But really, not on a music magazine cover. That’s why Spin (even with its low-res jpeg and “perez hilton” stamp) wins the cover-war with its classy, stylish depiction of Miz Winehouse (photographed by Terry Richardson, nonetheless!)

    Please, stick to Dave Matthews.

  • The Mozfather

    @EddieRebel: Unfortunately, sir, you are mad mistaken. For those who haven’t seen La Winehouse perform, feast votre yeux on this:


  • The Mozfather

    Oh, and Spin wins. On Spin she looks like a pretty, rockabilly-type sweetheart. On RS, she looks like she’s silently offering up her coochie for another swig of your Tanqueray.

  • sakade

    Her hair alone makes Spin a winner…it looks like a “before” (RS) and “after” (Spin) commercial for Pantene Pro-V…although the Spin cover does look a bit like an American Apparel ad, which skeeves me out.

  • nonce

    What’s important is that both magazines need to fire those respective photographers pronto.

  • Bjork Rhymes With Pork

    @sakade: It looks that way because it was shot by noted jackass Terry Richardson.

  • lesbiansayswhat

    Spin loses because they crown her the new dangerous queen of soul. What?

  • Dick Laurent is dead.

    What happened, did both their respective layout designers die before these covers were put together? My eyes are fucking bleeding…

  • Trackback

    BOOZE NEWS: Can someone please tell me why there’s an emaciated meth addict staring at me from the cover of every magazine in the country?

  • Lucas Jensen

    How could anybody possibly think that the Rolling Stone cover looks better? She reminds me of Janice from Friends.

    Not that I ever watched that show religiously for its entire run or anything.