Never Let It Be Said That Zune Doesn’t Take Care Of Its Fans

snipshot_e4jtm8fqurx.jpgAs you might expect, the guy who posted his Zune tattoo on the Internet has been getting no shortage of crap all day. But never fear–one of the members of the Zune team is going to give him something for his troubles!

I salute you, MSZunefan. I salute you. Don’t let the haters get you down. Hey, I’m gonna put together a little care package for you. Some Zune stickers, five songs from the ZMP, and a some Zune artwork.

The guy shells out money to get his skin permanently marked with a logo and hangs himself out to dry on the Internet–and he gets five lousy songs. What, does he have to get a neck tattoo in order to get a prize package worth more than $25?

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  • Nicolars

    Five songs?!? I already thought Microsoft was cheap and crappy, but they’re even worse than I imagined.

  • Donnie DiMauro

    Agreed. If you weren’t sure if the Zune sucked, their PR department certainly does.

  • Trackback

    The Zune might be less loved than some other music players, but it’s not totally the John Selwyn Gummer of mp3 players. Someone loves his Zune so much, he got the Zune logo tattooed on his arm.

  • rainfever

    Who says Cesar is on their PR department

  • Tenno

    I think they just passed the hat at the forum depot or something, all the real money is in the advertising interns pockets, bailin’ the street team members out of jail for littering SXSW.

    The only real horror to this story is those crappy avatars* and signatures that forum has…. holy shit.

    * And yes I recognize the irony when my avatar is a dog with a gatling gun on it’s back…

  • Hyman Decent

    @cesarmenendez ["What should I get him?"]: Laid

  • zibby

    Good Lord. At least give the guy a T- Shirt if there’s any XXXL hanging around. Failing that, a cap.

  • cesarmenendez

    What’s up Maura, thanks for the mention :)

    It’s nice to have a mention on idolator. so you’re saying that I should give him more? What should I get him?

    Thanks everybody, take care!


  • Jay-C

    After the day this guy had, you think he wants to hear the words “Zune Artwork” ever again?

  • andrewthemacfanboy

    me loves the big moviescreen of zune.

    cheers from the “”middleeast””


  • Raul23

    “What should I get him?”

    How ’bout a free fucking Zune or something worth some serious cheese.

  • mszunefan

    I am the Zune tattoo guy, Steven Smith, I would like to be able to put my 2 cents in an explain my 1st and 2nd zune tattoo as well as my 3rd tattoo I will be getting. As far as what Microsoft is doing for me, it isn’t important, I did not get either tattoo to be rewarded later. But for your info I am being flown out to Redmond, Washington to have a meet and greet with the Zune Team, and to do an interview for [] so I think that more than makes up for my $80 tattoo.

    Also, I know I am fat:)

  • Notafanboy

    Props to you for getting the Tats.
    Each to his own.
    Don’t let anyone get you down.
    Live your life and have fun!