Stuck On Repeat: The Cutting Sound Of FM Knives

fmknives.jpgWe rescued FM Knives’ 2001 debut Useless and Modern from a used-CD bin a while back, years after our original copy got lost in some inter-office move. It was worth the $2, as Useless is full of the sort of brash, two-minutes-and-you’re-done punk tunes that recall the Thermals and the Exploding Hearts, especially on the following super-bratty tracks:

FM Knives – 16 D.O.A. [MP3, link expired]
FM Knives – Down The Street [MP3, link expired]
FM Knives [MySpace]

  • bandwayrules

    hey, i know one of these guys…has a new band here in oakland called the pets that are pretty damn good.

  • d_mosurock

    Did you get a chance to see the one show they played in NYC at Pianos? Holy moley.

  • xjerryx

    Great band. Hail Sacramento! 20/20 was the standout track on this, though. Now you guys need to put some Yah Moh’s (sucks that bands like them and Lifter Puller have to move to NYC and change their name to get noticed) and Sewer Trout up.

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