Meet The Classy Ladies Who Will Be Competing For Bret Michaels’ Affection This Summer

Jun 14th, 2007 // 14 Comments


From the VH1 Blog, here’s the first look at the roster for Rock Of Love, this summer’s attempt to “metal up” the Flavor Of Love formula by having the contestants vie for Poison lead singer Bret Michaels’ romantic attentions. (In case you’re having trouble picking him out of the lineup, Michaels is the one wearing pants.)

Rock of Love: First Look [VH1 Blog]

  1. Dan Gibson

    Great news, ladies. The runner up gets to do some lines with CC DeVille!

  2. Anonymous

    It’s sad that by just looking at this photo you can almost judge who is going to get cut. It’s pretty clear Mr. Michaels has a type (see 60% of above photo), and unless some these girls get in good with the producers and make some quality bat-shit crazy TV, they don’t have a chance.

  3. Maulleigh

    See but now they can all up their rates at the gentleman’s club in Pinecone, NJ.

  4. How do I say this ... THROWDINI!

    My knowledge of Poison is admittedly (and thankfully) limited. I’d much rather listen to the Bell Biv Devoe song of same name. What they say is true, you should “never trust a big butt and a smile.”

    That being said, there is no possible way that this can top the trainwreck (in a good way) that was the Flavor of Love. What, are they too going to have a girl poop on the floor? Highly doubtful.

  5. myrrh

    Recap it? You bet, cos we’re sure as hell not gonna watch it.

    Gag me with an overly-nostalgic-for-hair-metal’s-greasier-days bimbo.

  6. Cam/ron

    Hmmm…it looks like many of the ladies are in their early to mid-20s, which means that they were toddlers or first graders when Poison was popular. How sad.

  7. Wasp vs Stryper

    I think one of the challenges should be to determine how good of a groupie each would make. In this challenge, Brett takes them on tour buses and they have to figure out what kind it is. “Hmmm, this looks like a raise roof ten, right Brett!”

  8. Rob Murphy

    re: post dept. — “oh no, we’re going to have to recap this, aren’t we”

    Maura, two words: “Intern [fill-in-the-blank]“…

    …or, six other words: “Krishtine from ‘I’m From Rolling Stone’.”

  9. Mick Kraut

    So long as they have some sort of challenge for the girls in delivering emergency insulin injections…Cant have Bret lapse into a diabetic coma…

  10. J DTZR

    I hope one of the African American gals wins

  11. TriedandTrue

    Let me guess what the lady in Red does for a living?

  12. Hyman Decent

    Recap? Be thankful Denton didn’t make you try out for the show. You know, so you could write an exposé from the inside.

  13. bedofnails

    Over under on number of STD’s in that photo?

  14. Hyman Decent

    I think a better title for this series would be Poison of Love.

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