For Those Of You Who Were Curious, 50 Cent Didn’t Quite Make $400 Million From That Vitamin Water Deal

Jun 15th, 2007 // 1 Comment

vitaminwater.jpgAlso in the Forbes 100 was the first mainstream-media cite of the money 50 Cent received as a result of Coca-Cola’s buyout of Glaceau, the company that manufactures Vitamin Water–and while it’s still a big number, it’s not as huge as the $400 million estimates that were floating around out there. So you don’t have to cripple your computer with the annoying autoplay video that’s on every page of the feature (Yay, bad Web design!), here’s the relevant passage:

The chiseled rapper also owns a small stake in VitaminWater; in June, Coca-Cola announced it would buy the brand for $4.1 billion. (His estimated $100 million take will be counted toward next year’s Celebrity 100 list, following official consummation of the deal.)

Well, that’s cleared up. One thing, though; using the phrase “consummation of the deal” makes us very worried that pretty soon, we’re going to get a song from 50 that’s all sex talk couched in business metaphors. Gross!

50 Cent [Forbes]
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    He should buy himself a sexy amusement park!

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