The Vault: Finally, We Get To Avail

Jun 27th, 2007 // 10 Comments

availpic.jpgThis is the week for one of your Idolators to burn through every remaining standout MP3 in his collection, which brings us to Richmond, Va.’s Avail. From 1992 to 1998, the group put out a must-own album practically every year, with a hardcore-punk style that was aggressive enough for pissed-off teens, yet just melodic enough to land the band on Lookout! Records (1994′s Dixie was no doubt the source of many road-trip sing-alongs). Three tracks are below, all taken from Jade Tree’s 2006 reissue series; take a listen, as the songs are much more compelling than any of the rushed rock-crit hackery in the paragraph you just endured:

Avail – Simple Song [MP3, link expired]
Avail – Tuning [MP3, link expired]
Avail – Scuffle Town [MP3, link expired]
Avail [MySpace]

  1. themeparkexperience

    Very nice. Can’t go wrong with 4AM Friday and Over the James.

  2. Lucas Jensen

    An amazing band. There is a song on 4AM Friday (and it might be the title track) which is one of the greatest 6/8 punk songs I’ve ever heard. That time signature is rarely attempted in punk rock and Avail does it so well that I’m curious as to why more don’t try.

  3. Bazooka Tooth

    Wow, everyday i am surprised with the musical leanings of whatever editor posted this, and how they mirror my early choices when i was younger. A few weeks ago it was Bouncing Souls, then the Punk USA comp, and now Avail.

    Please tell me that the next postings will revolve around 10 Foot Pole, Homegrown, Guttermouth, and Rhythm Collision.

  4. NickEddy

    These guys used to come through here quite a bit, and had I known Mike Love (front right, kneeling) was in the band, I would have been even less implored to check them out.

  5. walkmasterflex

    Growing up in Richmond, I both love and hate Avail. I mean, they’re an amazing band and pretty much all their songs are big Richmond pride anthems, but they were pretty much the catalyst in turning this music scene into one with a bunch of shitty one-note hardcore bands and weak-faced imitators, celebrated by local kids that think they live in the toughest city in the world. Of course I live in Montreal now, so I guess kinda the same thing’s happened there, just replace Avail with Arcade Fire or Wolf Parade and “toughest” with “hippest”.

  6. xjerryx

    to 1998? I dunno, I think One Wrench and Front Porch Stories are damn fine albums. I don’t think anything can match Over The James, but they are still fine records. The only weakness in their whole catalogue is the debut, and that isn’t that bad.

    Thanks for giving them deserved recognition. Someday you’ll do the same for Hickey, the best punk band of all time.

  7. ragandboneshop

    Ah, this is great, thanks. I love this, especially today.

  8. capn_guthrie

    Richmond is a beautiful city but they need to grow out of the hardcore punk thing.

  9. pjohn

    weird no one mentioned dixie yet.
    weird, because its completely awesome.

  10. countshockula

    I still have to put “southbound 95″ on every time i near Richmond. And I’m from Massachusetts!

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