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misfitttts.jpgHere’s a review of the book The Art of the Band T-Shirt that helpfully summarizes the whole book for you: “It’s also acceptable to wear a T-shirt featuring bands that have been a big influence on the outfit you’re there to see. Going to a U2 show? Wear a Joy Division T-shirt.” [Montreal Gazette, via LHB]

  1. Bazooka Tooth

    “You’re going to wear the shirt of the band you’re going to see? Don’t be that guy.”

  2. janine

    Ever since I was a little, little kid, I wanted a yellow and red Flash Gordon Queen ringer tee. I still want one. But it has to have the OG Freddy Mercury tightness.

  3. Sleepyhead

    Can I wear a shirt of The Tick yelling his immortal battle cry at a Spoon show? That’s ironically cheesy and tounge-in-cheek enough to not count, right?

  4. Dick Laurent is dead.

    PCU for the win.

    “Going to a U2 show? Business casual.”

  5. Jon W

    I’ve always WANTED to be “that guy”. I mean shit, I can only recall seeing “that guy” last during the glory years of Ska.

  6. Lucas Jensen

    I went to a Cure show that happened to coincide with the anniversary of Ian Curtis’ death (the 20th, I think). There was a guy in the parking lot selling bogus Joy Division shirts which the eyelinered kids were lapping up. That’s an entrepreneur.

  7. Bazooka Tooth

    Yeah, U2, Joy Division shirt? How about a shirt that says “BORING.EGO.$”? That would be better.

  8. Jon Can Dance

    Who the hell still wears band t-shirts after high school?

  9. KurticusMaximus

    This is not a Fugazi comment.

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