Aug 21st, 2007 // 1 Comment

gbox.gifSonyBMG has signed up with gBox, the Google AdWords-powered “social commerce widget for gift-giving online” that launched today. gBox is selling Universal Music Group’s DRM-free tracks, but SonyBMG’s files will be protected. [BBC]

  1. revmatty

    Sweeet! Gbox definitely has figured out how to beat iTunes: make it so users have to pay attention to what label the song they’re purchasing is from, so they’ll know if they need special software to play it! Awesome! I can’t wait to have to deal with another stupid roadblock when I just want to grab some song I heard on the radio on the way home from work!

    When purchasing a song from an online store is more time consuming and complicated than finding it on bit torrent there is something seriously wrong with the business model. That’s why iTMS works: It’s more convenient than p2p.

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